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Change Because It's a Choice - Jenna Carperter

Change Because It’s a Choice

I am makin’ some big changes and it comes down to a choice. I love my life and am so grateful for the path that I am on. It’s not always easy, in-fact sometimes life be a struggle, as much as I’d love to say it’s all smiles, rainbows, and butterflies…sometimes it feels like an earthquake, sometimes I feel like a thunderstorm or even a volcano ready to erupt (I do my best to prevent this:). Regardless of whether I am feeling like a warm sunny day (happy) or a gray day (sad), the beauty of this life is we have choices and opportunities for growth which involves change. I figured I’d write a little love note to the change that is goin’ down in my life and my perspective on it.

Dear Change,

You are uncomfortable, exciting, impermanent, constant, inevitable and straight-up vital! If you didn’t occur life would get pretty damn mundane. A few things I know about this evolutionary process:

Sometimes in order to change, we must hit rock bottom.

Sometimes it’s just time.

Change takes effort and sometimes we don’t know what is on the other side.

When we close one chapter, we are forced to write and start a new one.

We don’t always know what is on the other side of the revolving door called change expect that we know we will learn a shit ton and if we aren’t actually aware of this, we will shortly find out the lessons that occur during the process.

Allow me to back my bootay up! Every few years, I get an itch. An itch for change and an itch for travel, to see the world, explore new cultures and to reset. I do this for myself because life is too short not to do what we love. Every time I decide to travel, I get rid of almost everything I own. It’s not easy but it allows me to detach from all the stuff I have accumulated over the years, that really doesn’t serve me or make me happy. It’s almost like a cleanse, a fresh start as I embrace the ever infamous “less is more” mentality. I remind myself that material things don’t make me happy. I make myself happy by listening to my heart. <3

Now that I have you up to speed on my views and a piece of my life, here I go! Over the next few months (like the next six months), I will be participating in additional yoga teacher trainings, writing new content (programs, blog post and recipes), working on my Spanish, exploring new areas to climb (for future yoga and climbing retreats in Guatemala) and connecting with old and new friends that I met here 5 years ago. When I traveled to Lago Atitlan the first time, I met a community of healers, yogis, master fermentors, chefs, permaculturist and overall epic people. I am looking forward to collaborating with these folks and learning new skills that I can share with all of you.

Jenna Carpenter- holistic health & yoga

Sad to say goodbye to San Diego and I most definitely will be back, this I know because I always return. San Diego has a piece of my heart and I will take all the fabulous memories and lessons I have learned there, with me in my heart. The change doesn’t stop after I travel. Post- Guatemala, I am moving to Salt Lake City. Seems like a lot right? It is! In celebration (and to be honest some sorrow), I had a sweet little, sunset potluck and bonfire with friends before leaving my sweet little beach town.

Warning, I am about to veer off topic for a moment and talk food because I love it sooo...

Jenna Carpenter holistic healthy and yoga Sharing is caring, so with that said I wanted to tell you about a few fabulous things we had at the potluck. Since I’m not much of a drinker but I am an eater- especially for vegan and gluten-free foods, there were lots of yummy foods that went around! I’ll be posting the dark chocolate peanut butter disks that I brought to the gathering soon, t’was hit.

A friend of mine brought golden milk which was perfect for the occasion as the weather cools off. This drink can be served warm or cold. We had it warm around the fire and it was delicious! Such a good call. Ever since I have had one almost every day! I wanted to share the recipe, so here it is.

Back to Change…

To summarize change, like I said before, it’s a choice. The life that we live (for many of us, not all of us) is an accumulation of choices that we have made, that puts us where we are today. Our happiness is a choice.

Choose the things that make you happy, surround yourself with people that uplift and inspire you. It’s a choice to keep doing what we do. Wanna quit smoking, drink less, end a toxic relationship, change your job, move, travel, stop eating fast food, feeling sad…etc? Great, let’s do it. Sometimes in making choices, we need support from a good friend, coach or mentor. Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help but that’s what community is there for. So don’t be afraid to get the support you need in order to make a decision. Remember to tune in first and not live for other people based on what others think we “should” do. We live and learn, so leave the judgment behind if and when you think you made a “bad” choice, find the lesson and move on. Empower yourself by making a plan that will enhance your life and who you are. Stay inspired and follow your heart, do what makes you happy. Life is just too short! Change is your choice. I am happy to support you in those changes if need be, so let’s stay connect and do it together.



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