What Yogis Eat: Choices That Make A Difference

What Yogis Eat: Choices That Make A Difference

Jenna Carpenter- Holistic Health and wellness

Eat like a yogi. What does that statement even mean?

I don’t want to put anyone in a box and say “You are  _______ which means you need to eat this ________. That would be like saying there is only one way to practice yoga. You must touch your heels to the ground in down dog, otherwise you are doing the pose incorrectly…said no edumacated yoga instructor ever! Please note, this is an inaccurate statement.

The truth is, everyone is different and our yoga pose may not look exactly like the image in Yoga Journal. Always keep in mind the modification, do what your body needs and know it may look different in your body than the person practicing next to you. Yoga wasn’t designed to make you look like everyone else. Therefore, it’s not really about the pose but instead the process which takes place off the mat. It’s a systematic approach to embrace and love the life you are living. The true practice of yoga is to deconstruct social norms and judgments: removing the shoulds, coulds and woulds. Instead be authentically you, grounded but open. The asana is an expression of creativity and healing to help you connect with your true essence. I don’t believe this yogic lifestyle was ever intended to put people in a box and label them as “yogis.”  We are all unique beings which calls for making choices that will fit our needs in the moment. Yoga is simply a catalyst to drop into our inner voice and live in harmonious balance with ourselves and others around us.

Jenna Carpenter-Holistic Health

With that said, some of us drink tea, coffee, wine and others eat meat, vegetables, fruit or even live off air without food and water (airiterians are a real thing). Certain foods may provide what we need in that moment, however with this food series “What Yogis Eat,” my intention is simple. I want you, the reader, to start thinking about food choices because in reality, it has an impact on not only us but the environment too. In this series, I will be providing easy options for yogis on a budget that are interested in eating plant-based meals and snacks because the reality is we get to choose to live compassionately which can be a reflection of our food choices.

Jenna Carpenter- holistic health

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