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Connecting with Nature Retreat - Jenna Carperter

Connecting with Nature Retreat

Starts June 24, 2016
Ends August 27, 2016

- not specified -

Encinitas, CA

- not specified -

Whether you have been climbing for years, or you have some climbing experience, you are welcomed to join. This retreat is for anyone!

Where: Malibu Creek State Park

When: Friday night, June 24 til Sunday afternoon, June 26th

How: I encourage carpooling, and if you need help coordinating, I am happy to help. Campsites are limited to 2 cars each, and a small fee for extra cars. I have reserved a few sites which is included in the cost
Who: If we haven’t already met, here is a little background info on me, Matt DeStefano and Jo Olson
What: Yoga and meditations will be offered daily, along with climbing. You are more than welcome to take nature walks and explore the area.

Things to bring ((campers))

  • Something to share for potluck dinner
    ^^drinks, hummus, salsa, chips, chocolate, etc
  • Additional snacks, protein powder, water, tea/ coffee is recommended but not required
  • Camping/climbing gear (harness, shoes, helmet)
  • yoga mat
  • blanket
  • chair
  • head lamp/lanterns
  • water bottle
  • camping utensils-cup, plate, fork, spoon, bowl
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • long sleeve shirt/pants
  • hiking shoes
  • sandals
  • socks
  • swimsuit
  • towel
  • soap
  • journal

Tentative * S c h e d u l e
730/8p potluck dinner
8-9p Opening circle

7:30a Morning tea// wake up
7:45a Meditation
8:15-9a Breakfast
9am-2:30p Climb
230-330p Light lunch/snacks
4:30-6p Yoga
6-730p Free time
7:45-8:30 Dinner

7:30a Morning tea// wake up
7:45-9a Yoga & Meditation
9-10 a Breakfast & Breakdown camp
10-2:30p Climb
2:30p Picnic

Yoga Bonfire Potluck

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