FREE Meditations For All

Jenna Carpenter- Health Coach, Yoga, Cardiff by the sea, ca

FREE Meditations For All 

A few months ago, I collaborated my friend, DTO. Dave (The Organism) and I met years ago while I was teaching locally in North County San Diego. We connected about plant-based food, yoga, traveling, Spanish and living our dreams.

He has been a dear friend and we recently put our minds together and collaborated, the end result: FREE meditations for anyone interested! He introduced me to a website called Bandcamp which is typically used for musicians (Dave is an amazing musician. His music is geared towards yogi folks that enjoy chill. inspiring tunes:). This website allows you to support local and new artist, so important right! If you care to take the music or meditations with you offline, I have good new! It’s totally do-able with a donation. Anyways, I wanted to make it more accessible for folks that perhaps I have never met but are interested or new to meditation. It’s been a hell of a journey when it comes to meditation. Some days are easier than others to sit a breathe, other days I  do fmoving meditation (extra mindful in my yoga practice or even climbing). Staying connected to the breathe is the key to it all. It almost instantly helps me calm down and be present. Hope you find this helpful <3 Namaste

Meditation 1: For Beginners

Meditation 2: How I Found Meditation

Meditation 3: Let Yourself Day Dream

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