Green Smoothie


Jenna Carpenter- Yoga, Health & Wellness Coach Cardiff, CA

Green (Avocado) Smoothie

For the next few days I have decided to incorporate more juice, smoothies, and soup into my routine. With that said, it’s definitely green smoothie season with summer right around the corner. I’m stoked to be Which pretty much perfect because I have been participating in my 14-day cleanse, and I am at the tail end of it. I generally like to cut back on solid foods for a few days, simply to give my body a break. In case you haven’t heard about my cleanse program, it entails no caffeine, sugar, processed foods, gluten, or dairy. And FYI, I have been feeling pretty good thus far!


People think that they can’t cleanse while they travel because it will be impossible to stay on track. Well, guess what? I have great news for you busy bodies! If you make health a priority, your sanity will return the favor in the form of happiness. Cleansing while traveling is totally do-able…especially in the US. You may need to do a little research before hand but you can do it too if I can (by the way, here are some tips that can help when traveling with a special diet). That’s where priorities and choices come to the door and knock! My health is super important to me, so I make it a priority. I mention this because I got back from Texas a day ago and I leave for New York this weekend! While on this note about the cleanse, I have a confession to make. Allow me to be honest here…my bowels get a little messed up with travel and giving my body a break from solid foods is a great remedy pre/post travel.

Straight-up juicing is hard for I will just ease myself into it. With that said, I’m taking a look at my recipes and this one is lookin’ pretty good! Yumm, smoothies rock my world…especially when the weather outside is starting to heat up..a nice cold green smoothie to cool me off is exactly what I need! Yay!


Avocado Smoothie

Combine the following ingredients in the blender and enjoy.

– 1⁄2 cup almond milk

– 3⁄4 cup filtered water

– 1⁄2 avocado

– 1 banana

– 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

– 1 tbsp coconut oil

– 1 tsp Vita Mineral Greens or Spinach

– 1⁄2 tsp maca powder

– 1 tbsp cacao nibs

– 1 pitted date or stevia

– 1 pinch of pink

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