How To Travel On A Gluten Free & Plant-Based Diet

Traveling can be tricky when wanting to eat healthy, especially when plant-based and gluten free. I have done a lot of it over the years!! Give yourself time to go prepared, put some time and thought into it- make food a priority. A few days before I travel, I stay extra hydrated and consume extra veggies just in case they aren’t as readily available. Here are a few more tips that I always do before and during my travel…


  • Go Prepared. I always bring snacks like low-sugar bars, protein powder, greens powder, instant oatmeal, raw nuts, and even a few prepped meals to get me from point A to B. I recently met someone who actually makes their meals, freezes them and then checks the bag! Great idea! Also, the airline may have meal options for you if booked in advanced. Be sure to pack and use vitamin C as a preventative supplement to keep the immune system on point. Also, bring a few of your favorite herbal teas for the flight for ease and comfort.
  • Do the research of what kind of food the new region has to offer, from restaurants to grocery stores. While you are at it, bring your own silverware, tupperware, and water bottle (for convenience but also to cut back on plastic and even save money).
  • Find the grocery stores and stalk up on fresh fruits (apples, bananas, grapes), vegetables (baby carrots, celery, etc), trail mix, rice crackers, hummus, baked tofu, and seaweed snacks. Health food stores are on the rise along with eating at farmer’s markets and keeping it local. If you have access to cook or keep food in a fridge, even better!
  • Don’t be afraid to modify and ask questions. When at restaurants look for salad and veggie stir-fry dishes. Rice is a great option for gluten-free folks. The higher the demand the more likely the kitchen will add a few options on the menu and accommodate the client.

Lastly, remember: everything in moderation including moderation especially when traveling. Unless you are highly allergic to certain foods, be easy on yourself and the circumstance that you are in. Luckily, at home we have lots of options. It seems that eating healthy can have a tendency to grow bigger the moment you step out of the U.S. (or even to certain states). But don’t let it bog you down. It is a choice and a privilege to have the freedom to choose what we eat, just simply be grateful.

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