Plant Based Cleanse

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Throughout the cleanse, I provide:
+ one-on-one coaching (calls/ emails)
+ grocery list
+ food prep techniques
+ recipes/ online PDF of my cookbook
+ meal schedule/ food plan
+ daily inspiration via email
+ PDF of the cleanse
+ access to private FB group (which has a ton of uploaded files, videos and information to support you while on the cleanse)
Together we will create balance in a holistic approach to health. It’s not just about working out and eating well- although those factors do play a role! We will also be evaluating the home environment, sleep, spirituality and letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose in our bodies, minds or spirits.
In the two weeks, we use whole foods to cleanse. This program is for people that don’t want to starve but instead learn about nutritious foods, how to restructure lifestyle and integrate new habits.

Investment: $200




Benefits of Cleanse

  • Provides clearer skin
  • Helps with weight loss/ management
  • Boost energy
  • Better sleep
  • Builds stronger hair and nails
  • Increases mental health and clarity
  • Boost mood
  • Create sustainable habits, lifestyle choices and balance
  • Lose weight
  • Clear toxins

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Description of CleanseTestimonials
Two weeks may seem like a long time for a cleanse, but it is just enough to hit the reset button. This program is designed to inspire long-term change that includes eating well and feeling your best. Together we look at all areas of wellness; nutrition, exercise, mental health, relationships, and getting in touch with your desires and dreams. Ultimately, we look at how we can integrate balance, stability, and inspiration through these extremely important pieces that create a fulfilling and whole life.
Jenna breaks everything down into little chunks so that the amount of information is manageable – she is incredibly knowledgeable and delivers information with kindness and commitment. I felt 100% percent confident in her guidance.AliceAlice Chutter, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher & Arts Producer, UK

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