Protein Ballers

Protein Balls

⅔ c peanut butter

½ c shredded coconut

⅓ c almond flour

¼ c ground pumpkin seeds

1 tbs ground flax seed (mix with 4tbs water/almond milk)

1 tsp melted coconut oil

1-3 tbs maple syrup

¼ tsp pink salt

liquid stevia to taste


1 tbs chia seeds

1-2 tbs hemp seeds

2 tbs peanut shredded coconut

Mix all ingredients in medium size bowl (except toppings). Option to add protein powder, cacao powder, nibs, and chopped nuts. Roll into small balls and then cover with topping. For easy clean up, place balls on wax paper (either on a cookie sheet or large plate).


**I recently made this recipe again and used Gingerbread peanut butter and added more coconut oil, t’was bomb!

Nut Butter Balls

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