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Salad For Breakfast - Jenna Carperter

Salad For Breakfast


Jenna Carpenter- Holistic Health & Yoga



Ok, so I know that it sounds a little weird that I ate a salad for breakfast. AND I don’t want you to think you’ve got to eat salad for breakfast, BUT as an intuitive eater, there are no rules about when you eat what. It’s all about what your body is asking for. So yesterday morning I had a salad for breakfast because that’s what sounded good to me.

You might be saying “what the heck, that will never be me!”

I’m not saying it has to be, but today I want to encourage you to start listening to your body in a new way.

So why in the world did I eat a salad for breakfast? Well, I spent the last week in Cabo eating foods I would not normally eat (at least not in such great quantities) and for limiting raw vegetables for safety reasons. After not having raw vegetables for a few days my body really started to crave them. All I wanted was something light and refreshing.

This is a great example of how our bodies love balance, they also love to have variety. A little bit of everything. Your body wants to get all of the nutrients it can possibly get from the foods we eat. So when we eat the same thing all the time we don’t give our bodies a chance to enjoy the incredible nutrients available in all foods.

The other problem is that if you’re eating too much of one thing you’re more likely to tip the other direction like a see-saw or a pendulum. The more you eat one thing the more you want the other side. This becomes a problem when we try to restrict or give up certain foods. The desire for those restricted or bad foods builds up until you can’t take it anymore and then you binge and you end up eating those restricted foods for days.

Just like what happened on vacation, I had a lot more cheese and tortillas than I normally would and not a whole lot of vegetables, which made me completely ready to dive into a bowl of salad as soon as I got home and even more for breakfast!!!

The moral of that story is that your body CAN be trusted.

If you find yourself eating one type of food over and over again likely you’re not listening to what your body is really saying. It shouldn’t take more than a few days before your body is ready for something else.

Here are the 3 reasons why we get trapped into eating the same foods over and over again:

1. Convenience – you don’t think you have time or energy OR you don’t want to prioritize making food for yourself.
2. You don’t have any new ideas or don’t like cooking – you eat the same things over and over again even if they stop tasting good to you because you don’t have time to figure out something new.
3. Your relationship with food makes us crave foods you think you shouldn’t have (i.e. your mindset gets in the way). You restrict and then binge for weeks at a time.

This week practice having variety. Change up the fruits or vegetables you eat. Find a new simple recipe online. Ask your body what flavors, textures and temperatures it’s asking for. Let yourself mindfully indulge in something that sounds really great.

Here’s what happens when you become an intuitive eater: the amount of time it takes to snap back into your amazing routine after eating foods that don’t make you feel good is immediate. Instead of cycling between a month of eating nourishing foods that make you feel great and two months of binging, it may only take a day or even just one meal to bounce back and crave nourishing foods.

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