Spring Equinox Workshop

Perhaps you have seen the number 108 mentioned in yoga or the philosophy. This number is special in the esoteric and spiritual realm of yoga. It is said that in order to reach the sun from the earth, one must travel 108 times around the globe.
During the 2 hours of the workshop, we will experience a physical, spiritual and mental detox through our practice of 108 sun salutations. While making our salutes to the sun, we will also be honoring the change of seasons and the Spring Equinox. Towards the end of class, we will balance the session with a few restorative poses and a solid Savasana.
This class is for intermediate students (or at least have been practicing consistently for a few months) 
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Where: Mesa Rim Mira Mesa location
When: Sunday, March 19th 5pm-7pmMembers pay $15 Non-members $20
How much: Members pay $20 Non-members $25
Contact me if you have any questions <3

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