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Stock Your Kitchen With Key Ingredients - Jenna Carperter

Stock Your Kitchen With Key Ingredients

Stock Your Kitchen With New Ingredients

I recently went over to a friend’s house for a spontaneous dinner and she whipped up a veggie stir fry. Now, we all have our “go-to” foods and I wanted to provide a list of key ingredients that will change your life in the kitchen! These items have a long shelf life (6months+) and will make your “go-to” foods just a lil’ more interesting and more importantly better for you. Stock your kitchen with new ingredients, like these:

Coconut Amino Acids

What I love about this sauce is it’s salty but sweet. I use this or soy amino acids to replace soy sauce. Other perks of using this stuff: has vitamin b, way less sodium, gluten-free/vegan, level pH balance, decreases the chance of diabetes. I love using it on any hot food or salads (Kale salad).

Nutritional Yeast

Jenna Carpenter Holistic health coach and yoga

This ingredient gives food a creamy, cheesy and savory flavor. Plus it’s packed with folate, B vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, selenium, zinc and protein. Sprinkle it on pasta, throw it in cashew cheese, rice (Matty’s Vegan Risotto) or on top of popcorn.





It’s totally fine if you haven’t already jumped on the quinoa train, now’s your time to try it! This carbohydrate is actually a seed, not a grain. A complete protein and gluten free. Ready for the benefits, here we go: contains fiber, lysine, iron, magnesium and manganese! Dish it up! I love eating quinoa with this dish, salad, veggies, etc. Again this key ingredient is versatile like the others.



People always ask me about protein being mostly vegan. Lentils are a great source of protein, can be made into a soup, thrown on a salad and a great ingredient that can substitute meat, here’s my meatless meatballers recipe. Oh one more thing, did I mention they are cheap AF? Yup, oh yes and they be packed with fiber.


Coconut Milk

Oh yum! I could go off about coconut milk but it’s nice for soups or you can simply add water, blend it a little more and use it for granola, smoothies, etc. Here’s a coconut milk recipe for you. Rich + Creamy = Yum

Miso Paste

Miso Paste is fermented soy beans, gluten-free, plant-based, good for your gut, contains all essential amino acids, protein, iron, calcium, potassium, B vitamins. Great for miso soup, which can be nice to drink on a cold winter day. Just heat water and add with green onions and a little tofu if that’s what you are into. Miso can be added to soups or dressings.


When I need a little more salt but don’t want to reach for the salt shaker, I grab my kelp granules shaker. It’s actually a key ingredient that I use in mock “tuna” salad (replace tuna with soaked sunflower seeds or garbanzo beans). Full of vitamins (b), minerals and antioxidants.  Read more here.

Hope these ingredients help jazz up not only your kitchen, your life and your food! We are creatures of habit so we naturally gravitate towards foods we know and are comfortable with (it’s easier). Do your taste buds a flavor, and switch it up! Enjoy <3




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