Sweet n Spicy Potato Salad

Jenna Carpenter- holistic health wellness

Dear Sweet n Spicy Potato Salad,

I’m not sure if I was the first one to think of you but I most def enjoyed every bite. Talk about taking potato salad to the next level. I am in love with you sassiness. I know you won’t mind if I share you with my friends. They need to experience you too!! <3

Ok, party people here’s the recipe. It’s easy. I boiled the potatoes in the morning, let them cool and popped them in the fridge before I diced them up. The first step is to boil about 4-5 medium sized potatoes on high for about 15 minutes. In the meantime, chop up the veggies you desire. Here’s what I used:

3 cups boiled potatoes (roasted even better, but obviously more time prepping)

1/4 cup celery

1 small bunch of green onion

1 bell pepper

1 jalapeno (depending on how hot it is, use half or the whole thing)

1/4 cup dill (or cilantro)

2 tbs Veganaise

2 tbs honey mustard

2 tbs goji berries

3 tbs Korean-style kimchi

3 tbs sunflower seeds

Jenna Carpenter- Holistic health and wellness

If you are feelin’ cray (like I often do;), then add a dab of homemade vegan pesto. Otherwise, mix ingredients together, add salt and pepper as desired. WAA LAh! Share with friends at a dinner party or enjoy as a bomb.com side-dish. From my back porch in Telluride to yours.


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