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Testimonials - Jenna Carperter


I met Jenna while we both lived in Buenos Aires—a place where access to fresh, healthy ingredients isn’t always simple. Nonetheless, Jenna somehow found these ingredients (dedication!), and also used them in creative, delicious and healthy ways. As Jenna’s friend and yoga student, I had the pleasure and honor of learning from her during this time. She’s a master in the kitchen—busting out nutrition packed meals that left me feeling healthy, vibrant and whole. And beyond just food, Jenna’s knowledge of and dedication to healthy living runs deep. She has an impressive amount of information and wisdom to share, inspiring those around her to live more healthfully and in tune with their bodies and the world. Perhaps most notably, Jenna is a bright, active, vibrant woman and a true joy to be around. 8 Jessica Weiss, Independent Journalist, Miami, FL
Through taking part in Jenna’s expertly-led ‘Summer solstice cleanse’ I experienced noticeable health and wellbeing benefits. My energy levels increased, my skin cleared and I felt more vibrant and full of vitality in my physical body. In addition, my mind became clearer and less anxious. I enjoyed some time to replenish myself and spirit through journaling, self-care rituals, and meditation. I was inspired through the process of learning about nutrition and experimenting with new recipes. I learned a lot about my own body, digestive system and habits. I now recognize which foods can trigger reactions or sensitivities. This has enabled me to make informed decisions about my diet and daily routines and make some positive shifts.

Jenna breaks everything down into little chunks so that the amount of information is manageable – she is incredibly knowledgeable and delivers information with kindness and commitment.  I felt 100% percent confident in her guidance.

Although I was taking part in the cleanse from Europe Jenna accommodated my time schedule and access to ingredients so that I felt part of the cleanse community she created.  I totally recommend this process to any one whether you are working with specific health goals or just feel like giving yourself a little love and learning. Alice Alice Chutter, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher & Arts Producer, UK

I really needed to take a break from sugar for health reasons and It was great to join a group cleanse for support. Jenna provided great information not only recipes but also some “spiritual cleansing guidance” which totally makes sense while you want to reset your body. I learned on how to treat your body while you are cleansing and the benefits from it have been incredible. Thanks Jenna! Daniella Manini, Artist, Ventura, CA

To embark on this journey alone could have been an overwhelming experience, but Jenna made it easy and fun. If you are thinking about changing your diet to live a healthy lifestyle, Jenna will certainly help you on your way to wellness.

My favorite aspects of the cleanse were Jenna’s contagious love for healthy living and the recipe lists provided in her very own cookbook. The pictures in the book really inspired me and I just hope I can make my food look as good as she did!

It’s nice to have someone guiding you through such an experience, and Jenna made my experience an enjoyable one. I love how Jenna encourages us to create a sacred space to cook in and live in as a way to balance our lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am very grateful to have her as a mentor for healthy living.

Matt Destefano, Student Denver, CO

Doing Jenna’s cleanse was a very empowering experience for me. I have been refining my diet for years and especially this last year but this gave me the push to really get serious about cooking my own food. I got to see how different it felt to eat healthy food I had cooked as opposed to food someone else had prepared. All of the recipes were super yummy and I felt really supported as Jenna gave us each next step. It was nice to not have all the information thrown at me at one time, but to have it slowly unveiled. For the most part it felt easy for me, the only challenge was finding the time to cook my food ahead of time so I could have it ready during my busy days of work. This meant some early mornings but I actually really enjoyed taking the time to pamper myself by cooking things I knew my body would love. As always this just gave me all kinds of ideas of how to make these habits a part of my regular life and not just during a cleanse. This was by far the most enjoyable cleansing experience I’ve had and I love the way Jenna was very involved in our process. Jackie Sue Marino Jackie Sue Marino, Acupuncturist, Oceanside, CA
Jenna’s cleanse was a great way to get my body and routine back on track. Her recipes and daily reminders were very helpful to stay within the cleanse and I immediately noticed clearer skin and less digestion issues. This cleanse was based on simple principles so it wasn’t difficult to stay within the guidelines and Jenna was always around to answer questions. I recommend doing the cleanse if you feel you need an extra boost to get on track and healthy! Montana Johnson Montana Johnson, Flagstaff, AZ
I’m fairly active but was noticing some muscle fatigue and was plateauing in some of my workouts. I decided to participate in the cleanse to see if it would beneficial to my workouts and body (while I’ve always been thin, I haven’t always been “fit”). I felt that while I eat relatively healthy, I hadn’t ever eliminated anything from my diet, so why not try it and see what happens? What I enjoyed most about the cleanse is that it made me more aware of what I was putting into my body, I’d turn around and read the labels of “foods” that seemed healthy but were full of unpronounceable preservatives. This cleanse forced me to find healthier alternatives to supposed “healthy” food. The hardest part of the cleanse was eliminating sugar, I knew I had a sweet tooth but I was able to satisfy that sweet tooth with delicious recipes such as the Chia Seed pudding. I’m glad I participated- you can do anything for two weeks, and I’ve taken some of those practices as I transitioned off the cleanse and turned them into habits. Sometimes you just need to have some “skin in the game” and other people participating in order to hold yourself accountable.. I also never felt “bad” or “like I was starving”. I felt good, my body felt good, and was able to support my numerous workouts/runs! Jenna made the cleanse easy, however if you wanted to step it up she showed you ways to do so. Jennifer Harris Jennifer Harris, Financial Advisor, Del Mar, CA
It was super beneficial to do something as a group for accountability. I was wanting to take a break from sugar, and it helped to do it in a group. That is how I work best. Jenna was fantastic at making it fun and doable. We were provided with easy to make recipes and the food was tasty enough to not feel like I was missing anything! Even though I am now officially off the cleanse, I still haven’t eaten any sugar. Thanks for all of your help Jenna!!! Jenn Gold Jenn Gold, Business Owner, San Diego, CA