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Top Tips for Happy & Healthy Relationships - Jenna Carperter

Top Tips for Happy & Healthy Relationships

Jenna Carpenter- Happy Healthy Love

I absolutely love these tips from my friend Kate when it comes to maintaining a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship. Let’s face it, relationships take a lot of work and they are totally worth it! Anyways, hope you enjoy this article as much as I do!


  1. Kindness and gratitude…
    for the good, the bad and the ugly – as the years go on, this is not a no-brainer. People tend to be the hardest on the closest family members. It is a choice!
  2. Laugh!!
    Carve out some time to have fun together and not be so serious, (there’s plenty of time for that!) Remember what it is you loved doing together before life got so busy, then go do it!
  3. Choose your battles…
    my husband knows when I need a little “drama” and he usually won’t take the bait, this has taught me to think through things, rather than just react.
  4. Scheduling time… It’s amazing what just a few hours together can do to reconnect, let loose, etc. Uninterrupted conversation is golden, even if you talk about the kids half the time! 😘
  5. Reciprocity
    or resentment can build. No shame in giving your all in a relationship and even a little bit of yourself; but it
    should be returned at all levels or even different ways to feel valued.  It’s a balancing act!
  6. Always…
    see innocence in their eyes.
  7. Don’t…
    let it fester. Resentment sure can build, that is the truth!  I read once that each partner takes more of “the load” of the marriage/kids etc., at a given time but that it all evens out (or it damn well should!) when partners are aware of and appreciative of those efforts.
  8. Two things…
    Having a standing weekly date night and on a separate night, have a “meeting” to go over our schedules for the coming week. We also use the simple note app to keep track of things we need to talk about during our meeting- random mundane items to more important topics.
  9. Budget together!
    It’s nice to be on the same page and work toward the same goals.
  10. Love Languages quiz…
    Do it with your partner! It will definitely help when you understand your partner’s love language and will make sense when he/she does things that maybe you don’t like or agree with. It has really helped me understand my husband!
     (Take the quiz!)
  11. Communication…
    is key.
  12. Regular…
    date nights whether or not you have kids.
  13. Be yourself…
    and allow your spouse/partner to be themselves.
  14. Appreciate…
    the gifts you each bring to the relationship and use them when needed.
  15. Honesty and integrity…
    are also must haves. If there’s no trust, there is no relationship. Period.
  16. Have fun!
    Make each other laugh. Sometimes the rat race keeps us driving forward with our heads down trying to check the next thing off the list, but when my husband makes me laugh it makes me remember all over again why we came together.
  17. Show kindness…
    Pleases and thank yous feel good especially when it’s recognition of the mundane.
  18. Communicate…
    honestly and frequently throughout the day. Put your marriage first. Travel and play together!
  19. A Buddhist once said…
    that a man needs water his flower, or she’ll wither. Wives love to talk to their husbands, men have a natural ability ignore them. A husband has to understand that a wife will want to discuss everything and he needs to listen. (Communication is key!)
  20. Intimacy…
    not just sex but also hand holding, gentle nudge, wink etc.
  21. A sense of humor…
    gets you through so many tough moments and makes you realize what’s important.
  22. Say I’m sorry first…
    and don’t hold on to whatever it was that made you mad.
  23. Do things together…
    in your comfort zone, out of your comfort zone. (I ride bikes more than I want but my husband loves to so I do it; he is going to Hamilton with me because I’m obsessed).
  24. Have sex
    even when you are tired/ not interested/etc. For most men, it’s their love language. When his needs are met, he meets mine too.
  25. It’s about commitment and genuine love….
    We will be married 50 years in June. Since then, we’ve never gone to sleep without kissing and saying I love you.  Yes, there have been times when we were mad, but we’ve always kissed before we went to sleep.


A little more on the author..

“Katie is a Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nutritionist who works with clients in the realms of  Eating Psychology, Spirituality and ongoing Personal Development. She gets super jazzed when she sees people improve their mind, body and spiritual health through not just nutrition and wellness, but authenticity and *connection!* Because really, the journey only starts with nutrition, life’s too short to not be real! Let’s figure out what that is so you can embrace it and ROCK IT”

And then you’ll just want to hyperlink all the links under that (I did it for you here):

In addition to her website you can find Katie on Facebook or Instagram and ladies are invited to join her private FB Community Sexy, Spiritual & Sane with Katie Garces

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